Building a better world together

That’s more like it.

Here at Asda, we want to make a real difference to people’s lives. And we do that through protecting the planet, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and transforming our local communities. Building a better world and a more sustainable future – in everything we do. That’s our promise.

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And we do it through our Creating Change for Better programme.

It’s our strategy that helps us be a force for good. We restructured it back in 2021 to make it future-fit and make the greatest impact possible on ESG issues our communities, society and the planet are facing. 

And it’s all about…

Better Planet

Aiming to protect and conserve the world around us through sustainable practices and initiatives.

Better Lives

Tackling the barriers to health and happiness that stand in the way of people getting the most out of life.

Better Business

Holding ourselves to the highest standards of responsible business and ensuring Asda is a fair, safe and transparent place to work and shop.

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