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Charity champs Steve and Carla tickle the town pink with their fun run

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Wednesday 23rd May
Our new gnomes are putting smiles on lots of people's faces this summer

The latest additions to our popular range of gnomes are available now – and to celebrate our colleagues took 50 of them on a trip to the cinema to see the new Sherlock Gnomes film!The new gnome range includes 2ft tall unicorn, mermaid, astronaut, pirate, footballer and dinosaur gnomes for &... Read more

Wednesday 23rd May
Our big, tasty Goutini tomatoes are the 'holy grail' of the tomato world

The tomato industry has been trying for years to find a tomato that's big in size but still packed full of flavour. It's the holy grail everyone's looking for – and I think we’ve found it with the Goutini tomato!The Goutini is very exciting because it’s the size o... Read more

Tuesday 22nd May
We’re making great progress to reduce sugar in our products

We take our responsibilities as a retailer seriously – with 18 million customers shopping with us each week, we know that we can do a lot to help them have a varied diet. We’ve been driving sugar reduction for a long time, in a variety of products ranging from breakfast cereals to cak... Read more

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