Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Building a workplace where everyone can achieve their everything – with pride.
That's more like it.

Everything that makes our colleagues themselves – makes us Asda. We want to create a truly inclusive culture, where everyone has the confidence to be themselves. Here’s how we’re doing it.

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Be your everything

Foodies, hikers, fashion designers, cyclists, we’ve all got our own thing. And we love it. Hearing about the stuff you’re passionate about, the things that make you unique – that’s what makes us Asda. So we want to create a truly inclusive culture, where everyone has the confidence to be themselves. Where you can celebrate your everything.

That’s why we’ve created Colleague Resource Groups to help steer our efforts on this journey. They cover Accessibility, Ethnicity, LGBTQ+, Wellbeing, and Women in Leadership

You can find out more about all our Network groups here.

Where we’re at…

We’re so proud of where we’re at on our journey to create a culture that everyone can embrace and celebrate, no matter who you are. But we know there’s always more work to do, and further steps we can take to make things better. So we’re always looking for them, and listening to our colleagues – to help us get things right.

Our strategy when it comes to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion covers four main areas…

  • Building knowledge and confidence
  • Improving our approach to diversity and inclusion
  • Working towards better governance
  • Maintaining momentum

We know there’s so much more to learn, lots of room to improve, and even stronger networks we can create to stay committed and connected to championing difference. And these areas keep us focused on the heart of ED&I, and everything we’re trying to do here at Asda.

…and where we’re going with it

So, with those goals in mind, we were proud to launch our Inclusion Network in January 2024 – a brand new digital platform where all of c.155,000 colleagues can get involved in the conversations we’re having around inclusion.

It keeps all our colleagues up to date with the latest inclusion news, from upcoming events to activities they can join. It's also a forum for colleagues to ask questions, share their thoughts and feedback, connect with other colleagues, and understand what support is available to them.

The Network will play a huge part in keeping us moving forward on our ED&I journey. So we can create a workplace that’s inclusive, safe and supportive for all our colleagues, customers, and the communities we work with.


Social mobility is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing as a society, and we want to do something about it. That’s why we’re proud to support the charity NextGenLeaders as they empower the youth of today to take action and create socially responsible projects that help positively impact local communities.

Asda School Engagement

Asda are keen to engage with local schools, sixth forms, and colleges and will support at events such as careers fairs, mock interviews, or personal development sessions. We also have varied engagement programmes that will create awareness of hidden careers as well as develop key employability skills and align with the Gatsby Benchmarks so young people are career ready.

There's something about the culture here. It's buzzing and really uplifting and the business values are common to mine. My development has been supported strongly through allyship and mentorship.


Senior Manager - Commercial Finance (George)

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Find your everything

Everything that makes us different, makes us Asda – and we think that’s pretty amazing. Find out about what we’re doing to create a space where everyone can celebrate themselves, and others.

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