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Being a place that has just about everything means there’s a lot to love – for our customers, and for you. Whatever role you’re in, you’ll be part of our mission to become Britain's go-to supermarket, and we’re making that exciting journey one our colleagues can enjoy every minute of. Discover how we’re doing that here, and learn more about everything there is to love about working at Asda.

Bringing everything closer to you.

Here at Asda, we’ve changed a lot in the last few years – with no plans to stop!

We’re making our stores a hub for everything you need. All in one place. So our customers don’t have to worry about finding the time to pick up their prescriptions, new glasses, uniforms for the kids, a replacement for the plate they dropped… oh, and their groceries, too!

Because they can do it all at Asda. And so can you.

We’ve always got our eyes on what’s next. With technology changing up how we do things every day, everything we have to offer is growing – everyday. We’ve got all the roles you might be familiar with, from the shop floor to your doorstep, hundreds more behind the scenes, and brand new roles popping up all the time.

And with partnerships with exciting companies and brand new Express stores opening across the country – everything has never been closer.

For us, and you.

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A network of stores that’s bigger than ever.

We’re a big player in the supermarket world. Our network is made up of more than 1,000 stores across the UK, from Supercentres, Superstores, Supermarkets and Asda Living stores to petrol stations, depots and brand new Express stores. Not to mention our online services.

We take care of 75% of the UK shop every year. 2 million online transactions a month. £300m worth of transactions every week. And over £60 million in revenue everyday.

Millions of people rely on us across the country. And for every one of those customers, we’ve got a team of colleagues working together on the shop floors and behind the scenes. So our customers can stock up on their favourites, as well as get the care they need, when they need it most.

Opportunities you want to snap up.

What keeps people with Asda for long careers? The fact that you can do just about anything here – and that can take you anywhere you want to go. It’s the scale of what you can achieve with the right team (us) behind you, and the incredibly diverse and fluid career routes.

Our colleagues have gone from Finance to Operations, over to Buying, and then our People Function. Or from a store role to Head Office, then to Logistics before finding their everything in Warehouse. And we’re all about empowering them to do it. So if you’ve got the drive, that go-getter spirit can take you across the business. Whether it’s up, across, into a completely different area, or back again. At any point in your career journey. That’s what it means to find your everything.

I'm proud to work for Asda. We're still a family friendly company and you get a lot of support. If you're looking for a job in retail - Apply!


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