Sustain and Exchange

Our Sustain and Exchange network is a place for our colleagues and suppliers to connect with each other. But it’s so much more than just a place to have a good old chinwag. We’re having discussions about how we can all be more sustainable. Because when our suppliers are as serious about sustainability as we are, it really makes the world a greener place.

Love food. Hate waste.

We believe too much waste ends up on the landfill. In fact, you won’t find any of our stores chucking out quality food. But we want to completely prevent any Asda products from hitting the bottom of our country’s bins. By working with WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign, we’re teaching our colleagues and customers how to get the most out of what they buy. When you can make saving the planet a part of your weekly budget, it feels even better.

asda timeline 01

In the 1920's, a group of Yorkshire dairy farmers started Hindell’s Dairy Farmers Ltd. At the same time in West Yorkshire, the Asquith family opened their seventh butcher shop in the area. After being bought out in 1949, the Hindell's business moved to Leeds and became Associated Dairies & Farm Stores Limited.

asda timeline 02

The sons of the Asquith family, Peter and Fred, opened ‘Queen’s Supermarket’ in Pontefract. It proved to be quite popular, offering ‘Permanent Reductions’ and a shop that was open until 8pm on Fridays. Five years later, the Asquith brothers decided to join forces with the Associated Dairies. Which led to the creation of Asda (ASquith + DAiries… get it?).

asda timeline 03

The pocket tap is back! But did you know, it first came about in 1977? Now, if you want to officially say Asda in sign language, all you have to do is tap that pocket. 

asda timeline 04 image

In 1988, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opened the state-of-the-art Asda House in Leeds. And to this day it remains our home. But in a decade that started well, the purchase of Gateway Supermarkets in 1989 stretched our finances and the share price started to plummet. However, on a positive note, the same year saw fashion make its way to Asda in the form of George. Created by style guru George Davies, it eventually became one of the UK’s top clothing brands.

asda timeline 05

Times were hard for Asda. That was until Archie Norman came along. The youngest ever CEO of a FTSE 100 company concentrated on restoring value at the heart of the Asda brand. The same year, Asda Way of Working was created, making our stores the heroes of the business, and every colleague started being called by their first name.

asda timeline 06

With only a few more months until the new millennium, the world’s biggest and best retailer, Walmart, acquired Asda. To this day, we’re working together to help people save money so they can live better.


With the introduction of Walmart’s All Colleague Bonus, every Asda colleague had a new reason to be happy. Two years after that, Asda was named the top company to work for by the Sunday Times. 


Two years after moving to a new purpose built Head Office, George starts supporting the future of fashion as the sponsor of Graduate Fashion Week. We enjoyed it so much, we continued for five years.

asda timeline 09

It’s amazing to think about it now, but not that long ago that we didn’t have Community Life. Now it’s a huge part of what we do in store. Keep reading below to discover more of the work we do with our community. In the same year, our new Merchandising Centre of Excellence opened in Leeds. As a 90,000 sq. ft. former bottling plant, it’s become a key part of Asda. And a global best practice for Walmart.

asda timeline 10 image

This was another big year for us. We were named as one of the Times Top 50 Employers for Women. We launched our Global E-Commerce Centre in Asda House, which supports all of Walmart’s e-commerce platforms. And it was the year we started to provide our George customers with brilliant homeware. So now people across the country can have affordable yet quality products to make their house a home.

asda timeline image

We’re 50! To celebrate, we were given a wonderful present from our Walmart family, as Save money. Live better became our mission statement. But we didn’t stop there. The pocket tap also returned, our Pharmacies turned 15, and George (the most stylish member of the family) enjoyed 25 years of quality design at affordable prices. So here’s to even more years of helping people live better.

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