It’s not surprising that people are always asking about when they’ll get an Asda Pharmacy. With more than 14 million customers a week, they obviously think we’re doing something right. That’s what you get when you combine the great Asda atmosphere and our professional approach. We’re dedicated to becoming a leading healthcare provider in the community. So much so, we hold a yearly Healthcare conference to spark discussions about the latest trends, innovations and ideas from the industry. But, if you start to see your career heading in another Asda direction, we’ll help you get there. You might even end up running your own superstore one day.

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Optometrist Managers

Being an Optometrist at Asda isn’t complicated. It’s been set up so we can put all of our energy into giving people great care. It’s no different for our Optometrist Managers, who inspire their optical team to help people live better every day. How? By offering the best care, the best products at the very best price. But there’s another big difference at Asda. Our Optical Managers don’t just lead teams, they still act as Dispensing Opticians. It means you don’t have to give up the job you trained so hard for. Along with a guaranteed invite to our annual Healthcare conference, we’ll train you up to become a top manager in your field. 

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As a professional Optometrist, you’ve probably heard about our fixed-price approach. But, if you don’t know, let us break it down for you. Simply put, it means that our customers don’t have to keep adding fivers for all the extras like tints, scratch resistant coating and Distinct lenses™. It might not sound like much, but our Optometrists love it. Because when you’re not worrying about pushing hidden prices, you can focus on what you do best: giving people the best quality eye care. In return, you’ll get fantastic training, a yearly invitation to our annual conference, your GOC fees paid for… The list goes on.

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If you’re not quite ready to settle down in an Asda store, or there’s nothing available just yet, you can always get a taste of life here by registering as a Locum. Not only will you benefit from working with our great Healthcare professionals, but you’ll also enjoy all of the other reasons to work at Asda. You know, the colleagues, the fun atmosphere and the work we do with the community. We hope you’ll find that it’s better. 

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