As a professional Optician, you will have heard about our fixed-price approach. Simply put, it means that our customers don’t have to be worried about hidden costs like tints, scratch resistant coating and distinct lenses.

It might not sound like much, but it means our Opticians can focus on what they do best: giving people the best quality eye care. In return, you’ll get fantastic training, your GOC fees and professional indemnity insurance paid for… the list goes on.

So join in, and have the Optical career you want, after all it belongs to you, we’re just here to make it better.

If you’re not quite ready to settle down in an Asda store, or there’s nothing available just yet, you can always get a taste of life here by registering as a Locum. Go to https://www.venloc.co.uk/asda/

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Typical Optical roles include:

Contact Lens Optician Optometrist Optometrist Manager

"I’ve been a resident Optometrist with Asda since 2002 and really enjoy my role. My clinical skills are respected, I have a loyal patient base and strong relationships with local GP's and Ophthalmologists. I feel valued in the local professional community.
Flexibility is really important for me and this is something Asda has supported me with as well as ongoing development opportunities. We also have free CET and last year we also took MECS exams which will help Asda deliver community services. "

Sarvat (Bobby) Fida

Resident Optometrist

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