Asda and Remploy

It’s important to us that Asda colleagues truly reflect our customers and the local community. Which is why we’re working with Remploy to make our recruitment process suitable for everyone. Otherwise, we might miss out on the amazing differences, skills and abilities potential colleagues can bring. 

As experts in specialist employment services for people with a disability or health condition, Remploy have already helped thousands of people start a career at Asda. By working with them, we’re confident that we can offer everyone the right support throughout our application process. Right up to the moment they start work.

Remploy has a growing network of high street branches across the UK, equipped with all of the resources you need to start a rewarding career. Remploy's friendly and experienced employment advisors offer completely free and confidential advice on every aspect of finding a job. Which includes completing our online application and guidance through our interview and selection process.

You'll also benefit from a tailored package of support, development and training, designed to meet your individual needs and give you the skills we’re looking for.

But don’t worry, Remploy’s guidance doesn’t end when you get the job. If you want, they'll work closely with you and us to help get you settled in and make the most of your new career.

How Asda and Remploy have made a difference

"I’m really enjoying my job at Asda and they have been really supportive. I’m hoping to grow and develop my skills in my new career. The hours suit my circumstances and some of my colleagues plan to learn sign language."

Ross, 21, Home & Leisure colleague, Scotland

"It’s satisfying to know I'm providing a good customer service. At work, I can actually see where I'm making progress and I've got some structure to my life" 

Alexis, Grocery colleague, West Midlands

"All of the staff at the Remploy branch were very helpful and I love my job. It's a busy store as there is a massive student population in the area. I love meeting so many new people."

Jill, part-time Checkout colleague, East Midlands

To find out more about Remploy, please visit


Asda and Jobcentre Plus

Every now and again, we all need someone to show us the way, lend a hand or just tell us the best way to do things. And when it comes to careers, Jobcentre Plus can offer you all of this and more. Whether you’re a single parent, have a disability, finishing education, are over 50, or just simply out of work, there's practical help available. The jobseeker homepage is full of great information to guide you in your next steps forward.

Asda have a really effective partnership with Jobcentre Plus. At a national level, we work with the JCP to understand the job market and how Asda can support initiatives that help the unemployed.

Support with online recruitment processes

Most employers advertise job vacancies online and we’re no different. To apply, you’ll need to have internet access and your own email address. The 'Applying for a job online' pages on the Jobcentre Plus website give you easy 'How to' guides for each stage of a typical online application.

Finding internet access

For those who don't have internet access at home, check with your nearest Jobcentre Plus office to see what’s available in your local area. You could also use UK online centres which are based in your community. Find your nearest centre by calling 0800 771234. If you prefer to have a bit of peace and quiet, you could always use your local library, which will usually have computers with free internet access.

Further advice is available that could help get you to - and through - your interview. Programme Centres and Travel to Interview are just two examples of our Programmes and Services that have been designed with you in mind.

Work that suits your needs

For anyone who can't work full time, Jobcentre Plus can support you in a number of ways. You could get a temporary appointment, work part-time hours or arrange flexible working arrangements – which includes term-time opportunities. There are plenty of options to ensure your working life fits in and balances with your other commitments.

Jobcentre Plus can also organise training opportunities to make sure you have the best possible support in your pre-employment development. Helping you to become the best possible version of yourself.

Asda and Shaw Trust

Whether they’re writing CVs, filling out application forms or having an interview, some people face difficult barriers when applying for a job. But at Asda, we want to give everyone an equal chance. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Shaw Trust. It means we can now offer people the support that’s right for them.

In fact, the charity helps in many different ways - from practical guidance on writing applications to on-going support while you’re at work. Not only that, their training will boost your confidence so you can focus on getting the Asda job you want.

Examples of how they can help you:

  • Pre-work activities and life skills training.
  • Personal development to help you decide where you want to be, as well as get the skills and the day-to-day motivation to succeed.
  • Job applications and interview practice.
  • Support when you’re in work, so you stay in work.

Who are Shaw Trust?

Shaw Trust are a national disability, employment, learning and skills charity. They have over 30 years’ experience of helping people get the jobs they want and become more independent. 

They have back-to-work programmes, training and opportunities across the UK. And by working at the heart of communities, they help thousands of people find the right job.

Shaw Trust also help people gain skills and get into work through a range of activities. This includes education, retail and work experience, as well as health and social enterprise projects.

If you want to know more, you can get in touch with Shaw Trust themselves. Just email, or visit

Asda and Mencap

We believe that a learning disability shouldn’t stop anyone from having a paid job. So we’ve teamed up with Mencap, who provide support to those with learning disabilities, helping them live life as they choose.

Through our partnership, Mencap can give people with learning disabilities the training and experience to start working at Asda. They also help with CVs and interviews, as well as provide people with Job Coaches for when they start their career. These Job Coaches work with our Store Managers to create Individual Learning Plans, which will help give people the training and support to excel. 

Of course, not every learning disability is the same. Which is why, on top of the face-to-face coaching and on-going support, Mencap create Individual Support Packages for everyone they help. 

To find out more about how Mencap can help you, or someone you know, visit