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How do I apply?

So you’ve had a good look around the site. Once you’ve found a job you want, click ‘apply’ and follow the instructions on the page. Alternatively, you can see a full list of what’s available in your area by using the search boxes above. We’ve tried to make it easy to apply for a job at Asda. But we also understand that not everyone is a computer expert. If you need any assistance, see our FAQs section, where we should hopefully have an answer for you. If not, email us at

Please note that the application form does not perform well in Internet Explorer so please use an alternative browser such as Google Chrome.

If we don’t have anything right now, you’re always welcome to come back. Or, if you’re looking for a more specialised role in Healthcare, or Asda or George Head Office, then follow us on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to get notifications on any relevant roles when they become available. In the constantly pioneering, growing and wonderful world that is Asda, it shouldn’t be long.

Below we have outlined the typical application process for the different types of roles we offer so you know what to expect.




Express yourself

Enjoy it



It’s only natural that you’re going to have some questions. And we’re going to try our best to answer them. However, we do only have a certain amount of space, so we can’t cover everything.

How do I search for jobs?

It should be quite easy really. All you have to do is go to the 'Search' section of this page (above), type in your postcode or search criteria and check out the available jobs. You can also see the latest jobs in each of our business areas on the specific role pages on this site. Once you have found the job for you, click on apply and you will be redirected to our application site. 

If I have a disability what can I do?

If you need any help with your online application, our Key Partners should be more than happy to assist you. These organisations offer independent expert advice and support across the UK, and are a completely free service to use. There’s no time limit on the online tests, so you can take as long as you want to complete them. If you’re invited to an assessment centre or interview, please contact the recruitment team to talk through any reasonable adjustments you may need.

If you need any help or support with your application, please email

For more information on this, please visit our Partners page.

Do I need to register/create a log-in to apply for a job?

Yes you do. Creating a log-in on our system allows us to know who you are each time you visit. This means we can identify your application details easily and make sure we don’t lose you through the application process. It’s also for your benefit, as logging in means you can save jobs halfway through an application and receive job alerts by email.

Why do I need to create a log-in?

We've tried to create an online application system that really helps you to find the right jobs with us. When you create a log-in, our system will know who you are every time you visit. This means you can save jobs halfway through an application, receive job alerts and, of course, apply for a vacancy. When you log in, you're simply telling the system who you are.

What should I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, simply click on the 'Forgot your password?' link at the bottom of the log-in page and enter either your email or username. A password recovery email will then be sent to that address. Alternatively, if you did not enter a contact email address for your profile, you can answer the security question you selected and reset your password from there.

My log-in doesn't seem to work anymore?

Your username and password will only be active for 90 days for security reasons. If you're returning after 90 days, you’ll need to reset your password. You can do this by using the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the log-in page of the site. Click on this, and you’ll receive a secure email to the address in your profile. From here, you can reset your password and create a new one.

What are job alerts?

Job alerts are simply emails that are sent to your email address when a role comes up that’s right for you. In order to get them, you’ll need to create a log-in and then set your alerts by telling us what position you’d like and where. Then, when a job that suits you is available in the area, we'll send you an email to let you know. Brilliant, hey?


Can I send this job to a friend?

Yes you can. And you don't have to create a log-in (perfect if you're helping someone else). All you need to do is click on the 'Send to a friend' button next to the job details. You’ll then need to fill in your email address (the sender), your friend’s email, their name and (if you want) a nice little message. Click 'send-email' and the job details will be winging their way to your friend’s email inbox straight away.

What's the job basket for?

While you're searching for jobs on the system, you might see a number of different roles that interest you. Instead of having to go back and find them after you've made an application, you can just 'save them to your job basket'. Then you can go and find them when you’re ready to apply. In order to use this feature, you’ll need to have created a log-in. You can then access your job basket from the first page you see after you've logged in by clicking on 'View job basket'. But don’t leave it too late and miss the deadline.

How do I apply if I haven't got an email address?

We're sorry but, because this is an online system, you’ll need an email address so we can get in touch with you about your application. There are lots of ways that you can do this, and organisations that can help you. Most public libraries have internet access and you can register with a number of different email providers free of charge such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo Mail. If you want, you can always pop to your local Jobcentre Plus who should be more than happy to help you get online and set up an email address.

Can I send you my CV?

Unfortunately not. We receive thousands of applications every week and we are not able to review them all. Also, everyone lays out their CVs differently, so going through all the information would make it even more confusing. That's why we ask you specific, structured questions and allow you to complete our simple assessment tools (each relevant to the role you are applying for). From your answers, we can easily see if you'll be invited to the next stage of the selection process. It’s a much smarter and quicker way of assessing all of our wonderful candidates, as well as fairer way of ensuring that all candidates follow the same process.

Can I upload any documents to support my application?

Not for hourly paid roles, sorry. Just like our CVs, if we went through any other documents, it would just take too long to do anything. We'd love to see any supporting documents that you want to bring to an interview or event, such as letters from previous employers etc. We have also tried to allow plenty of places within the application itself for you to tell us about your skills and achievements.

What will happen when I apply?

When you have completed an application, you’ll be sent a confirmation email to the address you provided. We’ll then be able to see your details and the role you’ve applied for. Based on the details you've supplied and your online assessment, we’ll decide if we’d like to invite you to the next stage in the process. If you're unsuccessful, you'll receive an email to tell you as soon as possible.

How do I get back to a job that I've started applying for previously?

It's quite straightforward. Firstly, log in to the system with the same username and password details as you used when you set up your profile. You'll then see the link on the page to ‘Unfinished job applications’. That’s where all of the job applications that you have previously started can be opened and completed. To continue with an application, just click on the 'Continue' icon to the right of the job title that you'd like to apply for.

Can I update my profile information?

Yes of course. Just log in with the username and password details you supplied when you set up your profile. Once you’re in, click on the ‘My details’ link. You’ll see all of your details, which you can change and update if you need to. In fact, you can also change your username and password. 

Can I cancel my application?

No, sorry. Once you’ve made an application through the system you can't cancel it. However, if you no longer want to apply for a particular role, please contact the store that you applied to and let them know. You can find the store contact details here. Just give them a quick call, tell them your name and the role that you applied for, and they’ll remove you from the selection process.

What Right to Work documentation do I need?

Click here to see the information we need from you to prove you have the right to work in the UK.

What is Asda Life?

Working at Asda is pretty special. We just love it when our customers finish their shop with a smile on their face (and change in their pocket – tap tap). There’s no better feeling really. Especially when we do it all together. But it can be quite demanding, particularly for colleagues who will be on their feet all day.

Instead of giving you a job and sending you straight onto the shop floor, Asda Life can help you to figure out if we're right for you. As an honest, ‘as-it-really-is’ insight into Asda, you’ll really understand what you’ve applied for. Don’t worry, it’s nothing intimidating. It’s just been designed to show you the ropes before you've to use them. Other potential candidates will also be there, but this isn’t some sort of reality TV show (there’s definitely no buzzers). It’s just about seeing how you work with a team while giving you a tour of the building, an insight into the roles we offer and an opportunity to ‘Have a Go’.