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IGD and Asda

"IGD is a research and training charity which sits at the heart of the food and grocery industry. It has a trading subsidiary that provides commercial services. The profits from these commercial services fund the charity"


The Educator Hub is filled with activities and lesson plans to help you develop your students’ employability skills and help them link curriculum to real life careers. Click here to access the hub, and see how it could benefit you and your students. 


Feeding Britain's Future

Feeding Britain’s Future is an IGD programme that provides employability skills training to secondary school students with the support of volunteers from across the food and grocery industry.

Charitable Impact - Feeding Britain's Future 



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PowerPoint Techniques - Online webinar - Tips on becoming more efficient in PowerPoint, making data more impactful, order of play for customer-facing presentations and other use for PowerPoint.


Tips for Building Your Confidence - How to build your confidence through the influencing others and the powers of persuasion. Why is this important in a workplace, and what is the number one top tip?


Programme Requirements

Asda's Parent Zone

Helping your son or daughter pick the right career for them can be a scary process. At Asda, we know this, and want to do everything we can to make sure you are absolutely comfortable before you help them make their decision. 


Is an Apprenticeship the right option?

Apprenticeships can be perfect for those who are looking to gain real-world experience in an area that they are passionate about, whilst also earning real money whilst they do so. Your child will benefit from a blend of on-the-job practical learning, as well as the supporting theory - delivered by one of our superb partnering universities, or accredited training providers. Ranging from Level 2 Apprenticeships in store - perfect for those looking to build their confidence and communication skills, and provide a fantastic base for building upon - right through to our Retail Degree Apprenticeship - aimed at creating the retail leaders of tomorrow - we have something to offer for everyone. Find out more about our varied apprenticeship offerings on our Apprenticeships page on our Early Careers hub.


Why Asda? - The Asda Family

We treat all our colleagues like family here at Asda - and that means going above and beyond. Our stores are famous for their warm and welcoming atmosphere, and this comes from our colleagues who are proud to be helping people to Save Money and Live Better, each and every day. It also means however that there is no better place for your daughter or son to start their new career.


Being Asda is who we are and who we want to be.

It means that when we are faced with a choice, we put our customers first.
Each of us works hard as part of one team to reach our mission of being the nation's most trusted retailer.
We look to the future and create simple solutions that will help our customers Save Money. Live Better.
It means we bring our personalities to work and get involved with what's going on around us.
We always do things properly and with the best intentions.

Our People Make the Difference. Could you?




The Asda Working Environment - Home Offices

Regardless of which pathway you choose to apply for, one thing that is consistent across all is the chance to experience Asda’s fantastic working environment. We pride ourselves on treating our colleagues like family, and whether you’re at our Leeds Asda House, or our Leicester George House, you will be experience what it is like to work in a diverse and inclusive workplace – and build lasting professional and personal friendships. All colleagues can also benefit from our free parking, fantastic colleague discount, and our extremely popular dress-for-your-day culture, allowing colleagues to work and dress in whatever way is best – and most appropriate – for both themselves and their team. Outside of your day job, how about popping along to one of our big brunches; a fantastic quarterly celebration that sees all colleagues meet in the atrium to celebrate our success – and maybe even catch a live performance from of our mystery celebrity guests!


All colleagues at our home offices also have access to our state of the art on-site dining facilities, asda product-themed meeting rooms (who doesn’t want to meet in a room called biscuits?), and popular colleague shop. As of 2018, Asda has also gone plastic free in our home offices, helping to remove over 1.5 million units of single use plastic annually. Fear not however, all colleagues receive an asda branded re-usable water bottle and coffee cup upon joining, ensuring that whether it’s a morning cup of coffee, tea, juice or water, everything will taste that little bit better knowing that you’re making the world a better place one cup at a time.

Your Personal Brand - Our Top Tips!

Improving Your CV

Your CV can be your biggest tool when it comes to selling yourself to an employer, so making sure yours is as interesting as possible is crucial. We've included our 3 top tips below for helping to get your CV work-ready!


1) Set yourself apart! - If you're early in your career, you may think you haven't done enough to actually fill out your CV. Employers don't just look for work experience or good grades however, anything you've done to set yourself apart and show your strengths as an individual are great things to list. Did you organise a bake sale in school and donate the money to charity? This shows drive and determination, and a willingness to help others. Have you ever been part of a sports team, or perhaps played guitar for the last few years? These can show you ability to work as a team, or your dedication to developing yourself?


2) Always Update it! - Once you're happy with your CV, it can sometimes be easy to neglect it, and forget to update it before every job you go for. You should always aim to update your profile on a regular basis, adding in anything you've achieved at work or at school since the last time you changed it. There might also be a chance to change the layout. If you're going for a job where your communication skills will be absolutely crucial, it might be a good idea to add in a few more examples of when you have used these skills, and move them to the top of the page. 


3) Keep it Simple! - Some jobs will have hundreds of applicants, which can mean potentially hundreds of CV's for the employer to leaf through. You always want to make sure that yours won't be lost in the pile, and will jump out to whoever it is aimed at. Keeping it to two sides only can mean it is easier and shorter to read, and using colour or formatting to break up the page into sections can be a good way of making key information really jump out to the reader. 


Online Presence

Having a great online presence can put you at an instant advantage when applying for any new job. Whilst your CV might be the first thing that your employer will look at during the interview, your online profile will be the first thing they check before you even get in the room. Having a positive, professional online profile can help to stand you above everyone else going for the same role, and will prove to any employer that you are a thoughtful and organised individual.

That's not to say that you can't still use social media however - If anything, the opposite! Showing that you're a positive and active individual outside of work can also be a great thing, but you should always view what you're posting through a potential employers eyes. If it's something that would make them not want to employ you, or something that could be taken the wrong way by an individual who doesn't have the full context, it might not be worth posting. Setting your social media accounts to private is also a good way of ensuring that anything you post to your friends remains exactly that, amongst your friends. 


Interview and Assessment Centres

The dreaded interview and assessment centre. Preparing yourself for these can be a daunting prospect, but not if you have the right help. That's where we come in. We happen to think that our interview process isn't that bad, and we want to make sure that every candidate is as comfortable and confident coming into the process as possible - so you can really show us the real you.

So what are we looking for in our interviews and assessment centres? Simple. We just want to get to know you. No trick questions, no horrible atmosphere - just a friendly chat to help us get a feel for where you would fit in at Asda.

That's not to say that you can't still prepare yourself however! Always make sure you are clear on the role you are going for, and why you think you would be a good fit for the job and for Asda. If you know a little about the job or apprenticeship already, perhaps use examples from your past work experience or education to highlight why you think you are perfect for us. We love people-people, so don't be afraid to be yourself - and let your real personality shine through.

Discover our Event Calendar

Enactus - Project Den - 7th February - Leeds

In 2018, Asda helped to launch Enactus UK's brand new School Programme in the UK. Aimed at empowering and enabling students in the local area around our Leeds headquarters, the programme aims to encourage students to launch their own entrepreneurships all with the same common aim - making the world a better place for everyone. On the 7th February, we are inviting four of our partner schools back to our Asda House offices to hear what they have achieved so far, and provide feedback from some our subject matter experts from right across the business. The students will also get the chance to see some of the excellent work our Technology and Food teams have been carrying out, as well as receiving a full guided tour of the building. 

Enactus - UK National Expo - 8th & 9th April - London

On the 8th-9th April 2019, business, student and academic leaders from across the country will come together to showcase how entrepreneurial action is transforming lives and creating a better world. Asda are proud to be attending Enactus UK's annual national expo, and help support the next generation of youth social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. The event will also include an Employability Fair for all students, as well as a Project Exhibition space - allowing students to showcase some of their flagship social and community-based projects. 

Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair - 4th March - Leeds

Organised and ran by Leeds City Council's Apprenticeships Hub, the Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair gives both students and parents a near unrivalled opportunity to speak to some of the UK's largest and most supportive employers. One of the largest events of it's kind in the North of England, the fair hosts both local and national businesses from a wide variety of industries, and allows attendees to hear from current apprentices who are on hand to share their experiences.