A future in fantastic logistics

When a customer walks into an Asda store at any hour of day or night, they expect to find the products they came in for. We wouldn't expect them to spare a thought for the incredible logistical operation it requires to keep them happy. But it'll certainly give you plenty to think about, whatever your role, whether it's in the front line or behind the scenes.

Stock comes to us from all over the world, by road, rail, air and sea. It's picked and packed into nearly 30 million cases of goods going out to over 400 stores serving millions of customers every week. Asda trucks travel a total of 85 million miles a year, but we're also meeting the challenge of reducing our carbon footprint without compromising on service quality. Asda Depots recycle 170,000 tonnes of cardboard and 20,000 tonnes of plastic a year. They employ around 15,000 colleagues.

These are big numbers, so the job of managing such an operation is a big challenge and a huge opportunity, whichever part you're involved in.

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