Imagine, in a few short years you could be a Buying Manager with a £multi-million budget, scouring the world for new products and negotiating with some of the biggest global brands.

The Trading Team helps our customers save money every day by finding high quality products at lower prices. That may sound simple, but in reality it's an incredibly skilled, complex, creative and fast-moving discipline. It's both an art and a science, working in over 100 product categories and dealing with suppliers from all over the world.

You'll begin with five weeks in a dedicated training Academy picking up the basics before starting your role as Trainee Buyer in a specific category. It could be food, it could be pharmacy. Where you're placed is entirely dependent on you and your development. What's certain is that you'll be building your knowledge of all the dynamics of Trading - customer spending habits, profitability analysis, marketing, packaging, merchandising, seasonal buying and selling, influencing and negotiating. And you'll be applying that knowledge to your responsibility for Profit & Loss in your category.

Year two is different again as you step up to a fully-fledged Buyer role in a different category with a much bigger turnover, possibly as much as £150 million a year, managing up to 1,000 products on a daily basis plus dealing with some of the biggest global brands such as Unilever, Kraft and Nestlé. Within just four years of starting at Asda you could be looking at developing into the role of Buying Manager. The commercial expertise and global insight that Trading experience brings makes it a perfect launch-pad into top level roles throughout the business.

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