Asda House in Leeds is the commercial and strategic nerve centre of the whole business.

This is where you will be based if you join our new rotational development programme, which will involve a series of placements in different areas of business functions. It has been designed to give hands-on experience in key commercial areas such as Marketing, HR, Property, IT, Legal, Finance and Ecommerce. In each placement you'll be given real responsibility and challenging project deliverables, so by the end of the programme you'll have a deep insight into the commercial dynamics of the business and the unique culture that drives it. All the way through the programme your development will be supported by formal learning experiences plus monthly reviews with Directors and mentors at the highest levels. These will help to focus on your individual strengths and personal ambitions, preparing the way for your full-time appointment into a function that's right for you.

With the rounded knowledge, experience, confidence and capability gained through this challenging programme, you will be on a fast track into Asda's senior levels of business management.

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