How do I apply?

We've made our application process MORE innovative and straightforward.

We know applying for jobs can be stressful, so we've simplified our application process with a decision guaranteed within 48 hours of interview after our assessment centre.

Stage 1 - Online application

This should take about an hour in total, but you can save and come back, so take your time. There are some tests which will tell us about your abilities and whether you'd fit in to the Asda culture. We'll let you know by email whether you've been successful or not.

Stage 2 - Video interview

If your online application is successful we'll then invite you to do a video interview. We'll send you a link that you will need to follow working you through the simple process. Don't worry if you don't understand technology, we'll talk you through what you need to do step-by-step and we'll also allow you to do it in your own time at your leisure.

Stage 3 - Asda Reality

If we like your video you'll be invited along to our Assessment Centre, usually between November and March. It's called 'Reality' because it gives you a real taste of what it's like to work at Asda and an insight into the role you've applied for. Through group and individual activities we'll also get a clearer picture of what you're good at and where you might need some development. In short, we'll get to know each other a lot better. If we invite you to move forward to a final interview, it will happen there and then, without a nervous wait of weeks. And we'll let you know our decision within 48 hours.

Hints & Tips

We want to do all we can to help you succeed, so here are a few useful pointers.

The Asda culture. Don't just take our word for it.

We talk a lot about the way we work, the things we believe in and the kind of people we look for. We mean every word, and we need to be sure you really grasp what we're about. And you need to be certain that we're right for you. So dig deeper by visiting some stores, talking to some colleagues and getting a feel for life at the coal face. Know our history. See where we're going. We'll look forward to sharing your thoughts.

Think 'Team'

Teamwork means everything at Asda, so we'll be watching to see how you contribute to the team dynamic. And remember, that means letting others have their say as well as voicing your own ideas.

Look the part

We're a 'jacket not required' kind of business, but you still need to dress to impress. In a word, 'SmartCasual'.

Be yourself

The personality and passion of true Asda people can't be faked. If you've got them, they'll shine through. So just be yourself and show us what you can do!