Am I right?

It's a fantastic opportunity but no-one ever said it's easy. The sheer pace of the business cannot be overstated, so you have to be able to think on your feet and keep calm under pressure. You have to be hungry for responsibility, not shy of it, and good with people too, both as a team-mate and as a leader. And it's vital that you totally buy in to the Asda ethic of customer service, community support and sharing responsibility at every level. It's all part of the Asda character and you'll need a personality to match.

Retail is a 24/7 business and that means weekends too, so you'll be expected to work some weekends, but obviously you get days off during the week instead. Finally, you mustn't mind being relocated quite frequently, as opportunities arise and you move through different roles in different stores around the country. However during your first year placement we will always look to minimise the travel required where possible.