Imagine, three years from now you could be a Store Manager running a business turning over £1million a week and leading a large team of colleagues.

This structured two-year programme is designed to immerse you in the business of front-line retail, expose you to many different store formats and fast track you into leadership and management.

The journey starts at one of our Retail Training Academies, an eight-week insight into the dynamics of store operations and management.  From here the story is one of rapidly rising responsibility and ever-increasing challenge as you grow towards your opportunity as a Store Manager, which could be as soon as your third year at Asda if you're a really high performer. Your route could include leading a departmental team in one of our complex stores or larger super centres, managing a supermarket (one of our growing number of smaller convenience stores) or honing your skills both as a people leader and business manager in a similarly challenging role. Throughout the journey, your development is supported by a Mentor, plus regular one-to-one with senior managers and formal training events at our Retail Academy and Home Office.

As a Store Manager you're running a large business, every day you're making hundreds of decisions and looking after thousands of customers. You'll play a vital role in the local community too, because our commitment to helping our customers reaches out from the store and into their everyday lives.

With your vast store of knowledge, experience, leadership quality and management ability, your value to Asda is now immense and your options are unlimited in the highest levels of the business. The direction of travel is entirely up to you.

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