Which is why we’re the retail rising star of The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers 2013/2014

More and more graduates are recognising retail as a fantastic career of choice.  And more and more of them are choosing to join Asda. Our leap of 16 places up the Times Top 100 in 2013 out-jumped every other retailer. So this year we're offering more ways than ever for graduates to launch a career with Asda and the world of Walmart, the largest retailer on the planet.

A career with Asda offers so much more. Pace… passion… rapid development… global opportunity… we tick all these boxes and plenty more besides. In a multi-billion pound business where every penny counts, it takes sharp minds and innovative thinking to keep prices low and make people's lives that little bit better. That's why we have top graduate talent in so many diverse areas of a business that never stands still.

Now there are four routes into Asda and the wider Walmart world - a world with no limits on how far and how fast you can go. It's everything you could want from a career, and MORE.


More pace.

No business moves faster than retail. No retailer moves faster than Asda.

If you want a quiet life, look elsewhere. Everything about our retail business is super-fast, 24/7. What customers want in stores can literally change with the weather. Technology is changing the way people shop faster than you can say 'click'. New challenges present themselves not just every day but virtually every hour. If you can stand the pace, your career progress will be just as rapid.
If you want a world where it's fast paced and have real responsibility, it's the right place to be.           Greg Lacey, Space Optimisation Analyst

More opportunity.

We’re part of Walmart, the biggest retailer on the planet.

Retail accounts for about a fifth of the economy. It's expanding where other sectors are shrinking. And Asda is one of the fastest growing of them all. Opportunities are mushrooming in every part of our business and you'll have the freedom to take your career in any direction you want. You could go a long way in another sense too, because don't forget we're part of Walmart, the biggest retailer on the planet.
I experienced Asda on a placement, and since joining full time I've had five roles in four years, going from Trading Law to Store Manager and I'm still only 23.           Emma Davies, Store Manager

More fun.

We make it our business to make people’s lives better. And we do it with a smile on our face.

If you can't have fun making 19 million customers happy, you should be doing something else. We're successful because we enjoy what we do and customers can see that. We make it our business to make people's lives better, and we do it with a smile on our face. Is it because we're 200,000 individuals who share a single-minded passion? Is it because we have a 'work hard/play hard' mentality? Is it because our CEO, Andy Clarke is on first-name terms with colleagues on the shop floor? Truth is, it's all of these things. And more.
The job is so much fun. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy their job at Asda. I probably have a better social life here than I ever did at University.           Nicole Tallant, Toiletries Buyer

More development.

There’s no limit to how far you can go. Personally. Professionally. Globally.

Let's put it this way. For Graduates starting out on our retail programme, our aim is for them to be a Store Manager within three to five years. That means leading a team of between 600-1000 people and being responsible for the success of a very large business. Or, as part of our trading programme you could work your way up to Buying Manager, responsible for a £multi-million budget sourcing products world-wide. Such rapid progress is our goal for all Graduates, whichever part of the business you're in, and it's made possible by our cutting edge approach to training and development combined with continual exposure to new challenges and fresh opportunities.
In the Asda culture you own your personal development. You take charge of your own career. The challenges that the business brings every day will help you grow. It's all set up for you to progress if you're willing to put the effort in.           Andy Waters, Retail Academy Manager

More innovation.

We use technology and ingenuity to change the way people live, work and shop.

Innovations come in many forms. We use technology to change the way our customers live, work and shop. We use information to keep improving the service and the products we offer. We use ideas from every colleague, from the shop floor to the boardroom, to keep the Asda experience fresh, exciting and, quite simply, better. And as part of Walmart, we're plugged into the innovative power of the world's biggest retailer.

More fulfilment.

Contribute to the wider community while fulfilling all your personal ambitions.

At Asda you'll certainly have the scope to realise all your personal ambitions. And outside of work you'll find life very fulfilling too, not least because of the contribution you'll be able to make in your local community. Our involvement in supporting the communities where our customers and colleagues live and work is something we believe in with pride and passion.

More choice.

Now you have a choice of four different routes into Asda and the world of Walmart.

In Asda and the wide world of Walmart, if you've got the potential you're never going to be short of options on where to take your career next. And you're never going to be pigeon-holed into one area of the business. The world really is your oyster. Now we're also offering a wider choice of entry routes for Graduates into Asda. Take a close look at these excellent opportunities, and you'll soon see why Asda is widely regarded as a 'Graduate Employer of Choice'.
It's not just the UK. If you wanted to go to America, China, wherever there's a Walmart operation…you're part of the biggest retailer in the world.           Emma Davies, Store Manager

FAST TRACK RETAIL PROGRAMME two-year structured programme providing a launch-pad to the top in store management.

FAST TRACK TRADING PROGRAMME two-year structured programme in the art and science of Buying with a global retail player.

FAST TRACK ROTATIONAL PROGRAMME Experience in several business functions across Asda will give you a broad commercial insight, a range of future options and a fast track towards senior management.

DIRECT ENTRY Get into a Home Office business function in Leeds, with real responsibility and development.