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Since 1990, when George became the pioneer of supermarket fashion, we've led the way in offering an irresistible combination of quality, style and value. Our belief that "fashion is not a luxury, quality should not be a privilege" is etched in the mind of every colleague. Our customers trust us to keep bringing the best in fabulous fast fashion that doesn't cost the earth. No wonder we've never stopped growing and neither will you, because now we're going global and the scope is unlimited. Every day will add to your development, because at George, every day matters.



The first George store opens in Fosse Park, Leicester



Walmart acquires Asda, enabling clothing to be bought at volume, with further savings to the customer



George becomes Number 1 for volume and value



Fiona Lambert rejoins Asda and launches Moda. Asda overtakes Primark as the leading value fashion retailer



A big year. George declares war on M&S for charging extra for bigger size bras... launches £4 school uniform, "All Age, Same Price" for children from 3 to 16... introduces first ever 'ethnic' supermarket range... wins awards for innovative 'moob tube' male bodysculpt vest... trials pilot scheme in Bangladesh to increase workers' welfare.



George launches its iconically priced wedding range in store... collaborates with Biba founder Barbra Hulanicki and launches the first of five collections in store... The Miley Cyrus collection lands in store - and Miley herself drops into Derby George store to promote her range.



Happy 21st Birthday! And how grown-up we are! From that first store in Leicester George is now a truly global brand, with over 3,000 stores across the UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Arentina, Japan and the US. Plus thousands more to come through our International Franchise strategy.

And we truly came of age by becoming the saviours of Graduate Fashion Week, taking over as the 2011 title sponsor, pulling out all the stops to rescue the show and help nurture the next generation of British fashion creativity and talent.

1990. The year when everything changed.

The Berlin Wall came down. Nelson Mandela went from prisoner to president. The first ever website appeared. The Simpsons came into our lives. A tunnel was built under the English Channel. And a breakthrough of a different kind occurred when George Davis and Asda teamed up to become the pioneers of supermarket fashion. Overnight, good quality stylish clothing became affordable. George had shifted the fashion world on its axis… and we've been doing the same ever since.

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Quality, style & value

We are all about quality, style & value rollover to find out

Quality. Style. Value.

Today. Tomorrow. Always.

"My mission is simple; to show shoppers that supermarket fashion offers the best value and is the best way to shop… it's a mission that I share with our founder, George Davis, who set up George at Asda 21 years ago with a simple purpose. He wanted to design and sell clothes that offered quality, style and value.

In today's landscape of fast fashion, it's hard to remember a time when keeping up with fashion demanded a sizeable budget. 21 years ago when we launched, we were the first to do so as a supermarket clothing brand, and the first with value at its core. We offered a wider choice of fashionable clothing at everyday low prices. It was an uncomplicated offering that resonated as strongly with customers as it does today, and has ensured our robust growth since our inception.

Supporting new, emerging talent is one of the surest ways to future-proof, not just our business, but our industry, allowing us to grow, innovate and make a difference for many years to come."

Fiona Lambert - George Brand director

Our beliefs

George and Asda work together in perfect harmony. It's a union of kindred spirits who share the same ideals and principles. Everything we do - every thought, every word, every action - is guided by our clearly defined beliefs. We've made a film explaining three of them, so watch it and take them to heart.

And there's a fourth belief - one that's always been so much part of the way we work that until now we haven't shouted about it. And that‘s: Act with integrity.

It's about being honest, fair and objective, upholding the law and staying true to our own policies. We‘re committed to telling the truth and keeping our word: to our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers. It means listening to people's questions and concerns. It also means doing what‘s right for our business. In fact, we always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Altogether, in the business of fashion

Everyone in every team in George Home Office at Lutterworth is focussed on providing, quality, stylish clothes at prices that suit every pocket. We're all in this together, in all sorts of different ways, and we all depend on each other to be on top of our game. Take a tour around the different departments - not just the one you're interested in - to hear what colleagues say about their various roles in the business of fashion, and how it all knits together.

Altogether, in the business of fashion

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In true Asda fashion, all of us at George put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Of course, that's easy for us to say, and why should you take our word for it? Best to hear it from the customers themselves, because we're always listening to their feedback and logging their comments... Here are some very typical remarks taken from a recent survey:

"I bought the school uniform I wanted, lots of stock was available and excellent quality as always."
"Love the clothes. There is always a quick turnaround on the fashions."
"Special visit for clothing. Value for money = v good. Staff = excellent."
"After living abroad for four years I am loving the choice and prices offered by Asda. The staff are always so helpful - one member of staff even held the bottle for my baby boy while I loaded up my shopping, which was really appreciated. They're so friendly and helpful I won't shop anywhere else. I also love the quality and prices of children's clothes in George. Overall a major thank you to Asda for making the weekly shopping an easy experience."
"Light and airy store, great prices and fantastic value. Excellent staff made shopping a good experience. I live in Jersey but visit North West frequently. Please come to Jersey!"

Fast fashion

In the value fashion business, today's trend is yesterday's challenge. We've already moved on, thinking several seasons ahead, keeping our ear to the ground and our eye on the catwalks. Nothing and no-one ever stands still.

The journey that takes tomorrow's ideas onto today's shop floor is a fast and fascinating one. See for yourself.

Quality around the globe,
that doesn't cost the earth.

In 1999 Asda and George became part of the Walmart family - the biggest retailer in the world. We've been good for each other in countless ways, not least through the leverage of Walmart's buying to help us source for less and sell for less. Through Walmart outlets the George brand is now hugely successful overseas, and we have big plans for the global growth of our own specialist stores - taking the highest ethical standards with us wherever we go.

Quality around the globe,
that doesn't cost the earth.

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The Walmart World Global George Ethical George

Simply mouse over the pins and discover a few things about the Walmart world.

Central America

Walmart is the largest retailer in Central
America, with more than 550 stores and nearly
30,000 colleagues in Guatemala, El Salvador,
Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


In December 2010, Walmart Argentina
received an award from the City of Buenos
Aires' Government for our responsible breast
feeding program and for being an example
of good social practices.


Walmart Brazil works with food banks
throughout the country to distribute surplus
food of good quality to the hungry.


In 2010, Walmart Chile made an important
contribution to help the victims of the February
earthquake, investing over $1.3 million to
provide emergency housing and help
small businesses.


After the tsunami a coastal Seiyu (Walmart)
store distributed free food to victims and
batteries for their all-important radios. See the video


Walmart China has received lots of awards,
including Best Retail Place to Work
and Retail Innovation Award in 2010.


In 2009, Walmart was named in Canada's
Ten Most Admired Corporate Cultures by
Waterstone Human Capital Inc.

Texas, USA

Walmart has invested in the renewable power
of wind turbines to help keep prices low and
save people money, so they can live better. See the video

Arkansas, USA

Asda colleagues from the UK arrive at the
2011 Walmart Shareholders Meeting and
talk about being part of the Walmart family. See the video

We've got big plans to export the George brand of quality, style and value to all parts of the world. Mouse over the pins to find out more.


Through our presence in Walmart stores, George is already a well-known brand in the US, as well as Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Japan.

Lutterworth UK

In 2011 George announced plans to roll
out dedicated franchised stores overseas to build
the brand on a truly global scale. By 2016 George
will enter 21 new markets with 9 franchise
partners. A new team based in Lutterworth
is driving the international
franchising strategy.

Middle East

Expansion in the Middle East will happen in Year 1 (2012) of George's global franchise expansion plan. In the first year we're looking to open 16 stores, and around 250
worldwide by Year 5.

Central Europe

George's international franchise expansion
will explore markets where Walmart has no presence and no immediate plans for entry. Central Europe has huge potential.


Beyond Central Europe, George will roll its franchise strategy east through Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia, building towards 250 international stores by 2016.

George offers a 'career with a conscience', because we make sure our clothes are produced without exploitation. Mouse over the tags to see how and where we're doing the right thing.


From Turkey to Thailand, from Morocco to Mauritius, we source from 150 suppliers through 721 factories in 23 countries across the world. From factory to wardrobe, we care passionately
about the people who make
our products.


We work with NGOs and charities to improve
workers' rights, reduce working hours, improve
working conditions, increase skills and provide health and education benefits. Our pilot scheme in Bangladesh has been so successful we're going
to roll it our across factories in India
and China.


China is a fast growing source of some of big suppliers. By 2013, our biggest suppliers - wherever they are in the world - must provide us with open costings about human labour and full transparency on workers' pay and rights. We guarantee our
customers can shop with a
clear conscience.


All factories used for George production must be ethically audited first before we'll allow them to be used for production. Each year
we conduct around 500 unannounced
audits a year.

Get ready to grow

When you join George, you're not just starting a job. You're beginning an adventure. Every day is a step forward in the business of fashion.

With development like ours you'll grow more than ever before. Watch the video to get the picture.

We hope by now you've got a real feel for what it's like to work at George. Customers rely on us to keep coming up with the goods on quality, style and value. Colleagues depend on each other to be the best they can be so that we can deliver every day. The key word is 'Trust'. And the key to trust is consistency - being consistently excellent week in, week out; and continually getting better, day by day. That's what makes life at George so compelling, so challenging, and ultimately so incredibly rewarding. Because every day matters.