The Asda Experience

From the boardroom up to the shopfloor, we all believe in saving our customers' money. And every day, we trust each and every one of nearly 200,000 colleagues to do just that - and with a smile. We're at the heart of the communities where we live and work, yet we're also part of the global family that is Walmart - the largest retailer in the world, built on the promise of quality goods at every day low prices. Making life better by making things more affordable is our sole purpose. As a business, and as people, we're always striving to get better at what we do. That's why your career at Asda will always progress and never be dull. Because, with the way we do things here, every day matters.

Our beliefs

It's easier to do things well if you keep things simple. That's why we've distilled the way we think, talk and act into a clear set of beliefs - we've made a film explaining three of them, so watch it and take them to heart.

And there's a fourth belief - one that's always been so much part of the way we work that until now we haven't shouted about it. And that's:
Act with integrity.

It's about being honest, fair and objective, upholding the law and staying true to our own policies. We're committed to telling the truth and keeping our word: to our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers. It means listening to people's questions and concerns. It also means doing what's right for our business. In fact, we always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


The girl on
customer service who
helped me exchange a product
was incredibly helpful. She treated
me like a friend.
They always do

It's a big
store but the customer
care is more like your
local corner shop, which
makes it really

As a full
time working mum I get
great value for money and
fast, efficient service. And today
was even more exciting because
Spongebob Square Pants
was there!

I was in
a strange town, not
feeling well, and the pharmacy
staff were extremely helpful in
suggesting what would be
best for me

I always feel
I couldn't get better
service anywhere else

when I'm in pain and not
in the best of moods I'm
always cheered up by your staff,
young and old. You never feel
like just another faceless

8-year old son
commented on how helpful
the ladies were. We could
not have asked for
better service

and ambience, excellent.
Selection of goods, outstanding.
Customer service, fabulous.
Prices, fantastic

From the man
helping me with a trolley
to the lady in customer service
answering my query - genuine
warmth, concern and empathy
displayed by all

Our purpose

Our purpose at Asda is simple - to save our customers money every day. But it's not just what we do, it's the way that we do it. The words 'Great Customer Service' run through every colleague like a stick of rock, and it means a lot more than saying 'have a nice day'. But don't just take our word for it.

See what our customers think...

People depend
on Asda. When many are
feeling the pinch and growing
cynical about big business, they
want and need to trust us
more than ever

Our customers
trust us to help
them save money,
every day.

People are
at the heart of our
business. Loyalty to people
is far more important
than a loyalty

We'll stay
true to ourselves,
keep our promises and
stick to our beliefs.
Doing things the
Asda way.

Trust is everything

At Asda, nearly 200,000 colleagues trust in each other because they believe the same things. 19 million customers trust us to keep our promise and keep getting better. And our Chief Executive, Andy Clarke, has made it our Mission 'To be Britain's most trusted retailer'.

At Asda, trust is everything.

Ask our colleagues

If you really want to know what it's like to work at Asda, who better to hear it from than the people who work here! So we went out into every area of the business to get comments from colleagues.


Making room for special needs children

A new 'sensory' room at a special school in Oxfordshire was funded by a grant of £11,000 from the Asda Foundation. The room is a fun and safe place for children with severe learning difficulties and disabilities. Customers at nearby Asda Wheatley picked the John Watson School from three different local charities nominated for support.

Giving kids a Sporting Chance

Asda's Sporting Chance scheme gives kids the chance to try a new sport for free – and to make new friends at the same time. There are all sorts of sports and activities on offer – from football, cricket and athletics to swimming, dance and martial arts. The scheme works in partnership with local sports providers to open up opportunities for children in communities local to every Asda store.

A drop-in centre in Glasgow

Glasgow children's charity 'With Kids' has a brand new drop-in centre thanks to a £13,000 donation from the Asda Foundation. A derelict building has been transformed into a fully equipped centre complete with kitchen, therapy room and cinema room – providing support for some 350 disadvantaged children and families.

Community projects

Our stores are an integral part of their local communities, and we aim to be part of the fabric of local life. From fundraising to volunteering, Asda colleagues make a real difference to the places where they live and work. The Asda Foundation also makes a huge contribution to communities up and down the country through major donations to vital projects. Here are just a few examples, and there are many many more like them that we're really proud of.

Simply mouse over the pins and discover a few things about the Walmart world.

Walmart is
the largest retailer in Central
America, with more than 550 stores and
nearly 30,000 colleagues in Guatemala,
El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua
and Costa Rica.

In December 2010, Walmart
Argentina received an award from the
City of Buenos Aires' Government for
our responsible breast feeding program
and for being an example of
good social practices.

Walmart Brazil
works with food banks
throughout the country to
distribute surplus food
of good quality to
the hungry.

In 2010, Walmart
Chile made an important contribution
to help the victims of the February
earthquake, investing over $1.3 million to
provide emergency housing and help
small businesses.

After the
tsunami a coastal Seiyu
(Walmart) store distributed free food
to victims and batteries for
their all-important radios.
Watch on youtube

Walmart China
has received lots of awards,
including Best Retail Place to
Work and Retail Innovation
Award in 2010.

In 2009,
Walmart was named in
Canada's Ten Most Admired Corporate
Cultures by Waterstone
Human Capital Inc.

Walmart has
invested in the renewable
power of wind turbines to help keep
prices low and save people money,
so they can live better.
Watch on youtube

Asda colleagues
from the UK arrive at the
2011 Walmart Shareholders Meeting
and talk about being part of
the Walmart family.
Watch on youtube

The Wonderful world of Walmart

In 1999 Asda became part of the Walmart family - the biggest retailer in the world. Walmart and Asda have been good for each other, and for the world at large.

Just like any other day, we'll all do the simple little things that add up to big savings. Things like:

  • Turning lights off
  • Recycling cans and packaging at lunch
  • Keeping depot doors shut to avoid wasting energy
  • Clearing breakages and spills immediately – no accident, no expensive claim
  • Asking customers if they really need a carrier bag or a hanger

There are BIG things we can do as well, like reducing packaging on our own brand goods by 25%, which we did last year. Not only did we save £10 million, we helped the environment too. Less cardboard, less plastic, lighter glass. Less waste. Lower costs. Lower prices.

Got a meeting to go to? No fancy hotels or first class travel for us. We're quite happy with no-frills accommodation and economy seats, because we know the savings are passed to the customer. Corporate hospitality is a no-no too. We treat company money as if it's our own.

How can I save £1 today? Every day, every one of us – that's nearly 200,000 of us – is challenged to spot an opportunity to save £1. Doesn't sound a lot, but across the whole company right through the year it adds up to millions of pounds of savings to pass on to our customers.

Linda in the Carlisle store sees that lots of those little plastic bags for putting your fruit & veg in are torn off accidentally. She thinks they could be saved and used for small items at the checkout. So she sends her suggestion to the “Bright Ideas” space on the colleague website. Thanks Linda. We're doing it.

At home, colleagues like Louise, David and Lynne are thinking about how they could reduce their household carbon footprints by reducing waste, energy consumption, car and water use – and by using more sustainable products. They've all entered the 'Asda Sustainability Challenge' – a four-week competition which really got people thinking about helping the environment and saving money. The winner was Louise, who achieved a massive 37% reduction in her family's carbon footprint. She won an amazing family break at Center Parcs.

Simon phones Claire and Ross, colleagues who live nearby and work in the same Asda store, to suggest they all go to work together in one car and take it in turns each week. It's a no-brainer really. We've been big on car sharing, and saving on travel in general, for ages.

Every Day Low Prices

Saving you money every day isn't just a marketing slogan. It's the sole purpose of everyone at Asda. EDLP stands for Every Day Low Prices - a phrase you'll become familiar with.

We do it by keeping costs low and passing the savings on to customers. And all of us can play a part, no matter how big or small, every single day.

Hover over the days to look at the ways.

Sole Purpose

When you join Asda, you're not just starting a job. You're beginning an adventure.

In less than a minute, this film will tell you why.

Every day matters

We hope you've now got a real feel for what it's like to work at Asda. Each day we all do our bit - for customers, colleagues and communities - to work towards making ourselves Britain's Most Trusted Retailer. But remember, being trusted isn't just about being good - it's about being consistently good - week in, week out. And all the time getting better, day by day. That's what makes life at Asda so compelling, so challenging and ultimately so incredibly rewarding. Because every day matters.